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2022.01.22 17:35 SouthAcanthaceae3567 29/EU/PS5

Hi guys, looking for chilled +18 gaming buddies(you can be an elicopter i dont care) for ps5. I speak English Spanish and Italian. I have a miscellaneous collection.
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2022.01.22 17:35 Dismal_Feed_442 Getting bored from final fantasy 9

I am pretty much bored of final fantasy 9 and I feel like I am forcing myself to continue it , I am 22 hours long in the game it after googling the length of it I turned out to be a 40 hour long BRUH I can't keep going nothing is motivating me to do soo the gameplay stopped evolving the characters are the same no major development in them I LOVE THEM SO MUCH but I feel like there is nothing to keep me interested even the villains now is kuja and some other guy that just showed up no one I can feel interested to beat
Any thoughts? Should I talk a long break should I continue?
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2022.01.22 17:35 R1PGHOST H: fusion cells be15vc assault rifle mse15fr fixer exe e hm short jaco suit w: caps drugs or ultracite fusion cells

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2022.01.22 17:35 BroBroTim Looking at going into the MEMS field of engineering. Can I get advice?

I have started gaining an interest in MEMS after I took a MEMS class this past semester. I am wondering how I can enter this field and if there is enough jobs out there to be a viable pick. My classmates tell me it’s a dying field but I don’t see why they say that.
What jobs can I have if I go into the MEMS field? I’m not exactly sure what I want yet but I loved the simulation aspects of it and I have also seen that I can go into the bio/medical field with MEMS which interests me as well.
I graduated with a B.S. Mechanical Engineer this past semester. Considering doing a M.S. in ME as well.
Any tips, advice, or experiences help. Thank you.
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2022.01.22 17:35 Acherontia_atropos91 The napkins handed out on my flight last week advertising Spider-Man far from home, in January 2022

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2022.01.22 17:35 MrMagus004 ACNH long autosave time

Playing ACNH and I am getting very long autosave times which sometimes makes the game unplayable, the blue ring keeps going around but it's not stopping. Anyone else getting this and know a fix or work around?
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2022.01.22 17:35 Sofargonept2 Salma Hayek at 33 and 54.

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2022.01.22 17:35 the-working-dead How to deal with racism and sexism that is occurring because of "diversity and inclusion" efforts?

More and more I'm finding that we need to make decisions at work based on "inclusion and diversity," but these decisions almost always feels more racist and discriminatory than the policies they replace. For example, before when considering a voiceover artist we would never pick someone based on race or sex. To comment on such a thing would be obviously highly frowned upon. Now, it's the whole point. If the person is a male or sounds "too white" it's "oh we need someone female and black, next one please." This feels absurd and unfair, and as a white straight male I fear for my position and advancement opportunities in my career these days. I feel so bad for those people applying that we can't even consider because they aren't "diverse" enough in whatever way, even though for me personally I consider all people to be diverse and different because they are all individuals and HUMANS.
How can we work towards actual equality without excluding ANY race?
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2022.01.22 17:35 crabrangoo4 Anxiously waiting, TTFU

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2022.01.22 17:35 MizakiBlue If we're down for a bit of a listening party, here's a medley of the ending themes of the Pokémon anime during the Diamond & Pearl season sung by Dawn's Japanese VA with a very cute animation starring Piplup to match with :3

If we're down for a bit of a listening party, here's a medley of the ending themes of the Pokémon anime during the Diamond & Pearl season sung by Dawn's Japanese VA with a very cute animation starring Piplup to match with :3 submitted by MizakiBlue to TheNyanCave [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:35 ailexg 22 days done! Added gold thread to day 22 to celebrate a birth in the family!

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2022.01.22 17:35 Crystal_Sunshine_ Cute weekend look for an woman my age? Can't decide! [F48]

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2022.01.22 17:35 UltimateTigerStance The Udyr rework my points and what are you thinking?

It was around 2015 when i picked Udyr up and I had a lot of fun with him, even up to day.

But now...Riot decided to rework him and the best boi could get aatroxed :O
and yes, he got buffed and spiked in play riiiigghhttt befor the pull, coincidence? I guesss not :(
And so Season 12 came and the teaser for his rework quite worried me. at all he is THE champ to counter all the new shiny shing wush boom champs and old favorites like yasuo,yone,akali,irelia,Yi and so on, by just stunning them in bear stance and bursting them down with the Tiger (and hopefully they don't aatrox him for being good vs. skin-selling champs). He does that quite well but to win games you need more, you dont need much "skill expression" in udyr's skills, it is the whole game where you have to be good at. Killing prestiges-200 IQ-champs with eas is one thing but winning the game is a whole another story. Quite some Garen/Nasus vibes where you have no dash onely normal running/walking and to make that up you have to play with more strategy, being the real 200IQ champ evaluating everything around you. And if you succeed it is way better then any penta could be.
Starting with clearing the jgl, what camp at wich time, then first items and dragon or gank? Do you have trust worthy teammates or do you need to carry some? can you 1v1 someone? and do they have ranged champions? Are just a few questions you need to know at the start, not to figure out during the game as with other jglers. this forms the path you take in the game, when it starts at 00:00. To secure a dragon soul and barons besides farming and ganking, everything at the same time and tiger-udyr doesn't really want to teamfight so you have to watch what your team is doing all the time to help them even if you dont want/can't.
(and yes, I go tiger 8/10 times, tank-phoenix is not strong enough to carry, it mostly just enables plays for your teammates or disrups the enemy.)
Well and obviously it is significant harder to carry or win if the enemy team has more ranged champions not onely because your playing a meele with no dash, but because then you need to wavemanage minions on bot/toplane to create a push befor baron/dragon spawns, to create an advantage and/or force TP's.(and yes toplaners are roming to much in my team and bot is never bot after 16min. but you gotta play with what you get and your the one with smite, so you HAVE to be at the objective in time.) Not to mention that everyone on your team just does your jgl when they have time and steal you the gold you need for items. So getting some minions to compensate this is uhhhh ok i guess. And already say goodbye to your jgl buffs after 12 min. blue/ 16min./red, becaus if mid and bot dont get them, even in master+ they straight up just flame, int and ruin your game in 7/10 games. Bruh.
All in all he is in an ok spot right now, if your good and you have a strategy with him you can climb, he is realy good vs. meeles but realy reeeaallyy bad vs. rangeds.
But this keeps him alive, the super burst to kill high priority targets(and even 0/20 yasuo's just for the spicy all-chat ;) ) or he will end up as someone who does it all but cant do a single job well.
in the rework blog, i coudn't see a easy use stun but he needs that, yeah there was something with "empowering" but uhhhh that costs time and 1(ONE) second decides nowdays if you lose or win. So he needs a quick on demand stun or interrrupt and even more against ranges when you finaly closed the gap. And as a reminder you dont have dashes, bliks, invisibility etc. you...can...just...run... thats all you can, walls are walls minions are minions(or the own chad minions who are blocking you are walls too)
hopefully the tiger remains the same and turtle(its not a turtle anymore, i know :( ) gets buffed.
The new bear didn't looked promising and the new phoenix...too.

As for the Desing...UUffffff Well its not realy my taste and changes him up quite much.
When I started playing there were not much of lostory or something else for him that I know. And for me hes was always the old asian mountain man who is living there alone and trains his body half a day, not to mention the fur on his head (and yes the sitting under a waterfall too).
His abilitys reffer to fighting stances were the extra spice, with the monkey as passive, the glorious tiger as Q(or I like to call it sumo-Q with the animation he does ingame x) ), the turtle as W(because you know "turtleing" ^^), the Wild bear who stuningly overwhelms you as E, and the beautiful undying flaming Phoenix as R(aka.Ultimate).
And guess what it's all lost xD (well I dont know for the passive and Q but i guess they will change it too)
Now he is a viking xD I cant belive it! just WOW...WOW!
The good thing: they already removed the "antlers" thumbs up!
The uhhh other things:
He is half naked and has many tattooes, his in game model is bigger(thats a nerf! you will have a hard time dodging skillshots now), his back must be in pain from walking constantly with an 90 degree angle to watch the ground, the fur is missing completely, his shoes are gone(the wooden one, he got new one but they are....mehh at best), his attack animations are awfull with the bending and stretching of his arms he is not Luffy from onepiece. The turtle got removed and "volibear" is now his E because of uhhh lostory I guess? Not to mention anivia is now the phoenix so no fire anymore :( instead we get ice....so much wow :/
And to top everything above his model and skins get downgraded "because he has 5 models now so its very hard and time consuming to make skins for him.", you know what? I am fine with just ONE skin for him a YEAR, I would ALWYAS take the cool skin a year over random skins with no soul, he didn't even got skins (not even to say good ones)for a long time(well mainly because there to lazy for it(they wrote it in the devblog, not me) and he is not that popular, because the player needs an understanding of how to play the game to be good with him) but then...when he gets an skin....its this dragon skin uhhh.....
Why not poolparty udyr?, project udyr?, spiritbloosom udyr?, anything cool udyr? why get the non popular champ in 7/10 cases the "not so good" skins/skinlines? :(

Ofcourse I will give him a try and see how he is on the live servers, I dont think they will change him now up to be more like the old one and "upgrade" the skins, guess for that its to late :( .
But as for now and how much I know, it looks for me like another aatrox case, where udyr gets deleted to target a wider audience but loses his spirit and signature moves.

Thanks for reading and if your got this far, maybe let me(us) know what you are thinking about udyr? And sorry for the bad english, I will try to improve it ;)
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2022.01.22 17:35 tweekieyoung Covid-19 NZ: Jacinda Ardern to hold unplanned Omicron press conference at 11am

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2022.01.22 17:35 eyeloveyouall It’s annoying how now everyone think everything Yb say in his songs is about Von

Tell me why I’m watching a reaction to I got this and they really said the message at the end is him blaming himself for the Von situation 😐 wtf kinda shit would that be
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2022.01.22 17:35 spreta What is this growing on my porch rail? PNW, USA

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2022.01.22 17:35 hdjdhrhdjdehdhf 16 [F4R] Looking for friends 💕

Hello, I'm 16 years old, turning 17 this year. I am an INFJ. I'm looking for friends - I usually don't get many messages from girls so I'd really love to make some gal friends this time around 😭 My interests include - theology - fashion - culinary arts - romance animes I'm also obsessed with the royal families of the world and I enjoy listening to rock/alternative rock. I am also suddenly becoming obsessed with reading again after an extremely long break. If you have any historical drama/romance recommendations please let me know. Hmu if you'd like to chat ✌
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2022.01.22 17:35 sadeintyo I’m trippin?

My ex and a guy I’m dating have mentioned wanting to take me to Disney world within the span of 2 days.
They also have the same street old address (not number though)
They also have the first same 6 digits in their phone number
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2022.01.22 17:35 Significant_Buy8744 This makes no sense. Tired of repeating myself to these people over and over in the same convo 🤔

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2022.01.22 17:35 SpiritMaleficent21 LLVM C code running in or out dir

Do I need to write all samples C code inside of LLVM directory or If i create a directory outside of LLVM dir, does this work. Is there any way to run that C code which is outside of LLVM dir> please help with understand this part. I installed LLVM from github repo, and complete all the make file and building by reading the documentation. Now I want to test a C code, any suggestions how to do that
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2022.01.22 17:35 musicfan2019 High Energy Soul-Funk Electro Outfit ISHI Strikes 'Sweet Gold' with Newly Minted LP

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2022.01.22 17:35 AutomaticLeadership4 What is the biggest stereotype you know/heard about ?

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2022.01.22 17:35 gimmienoodles Does anyone else get a “heart freeze” and not a brain freeze?

I’ve never had a brain freeze no matter how fast I eat or drink something cold but I experience a really painful feeling in my chest. Anyone else have this?
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2022.01.22 17:35 DJAutismo mm… food!

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2022.01.22 17:35 FaultProfessional163 Don't get a dog. Get a small pet. I T S E V E R Y W H E R E.

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