First crack at waxing myself, I’m not dissatisfied with the results per say but definitely could be a lot cleaner, any tips/tricks would be appreciated. idk why those one spots are whiter than the others because the wax is smooth as can be to the touch at least

2022.01.22 17:19 The_Braja First crack at waxing myself, I’m not dissatisfied with the results per say but definitely could be a lot cleaner, any tips/tricks would be appreciated. idk why those one spots are whiter than the others because the wax is smooth as can be to the touch at least

First crack at waxing myself, I’m not dissatisfied with the results per say but definitely could be a lot cleaner, any tips/tricks would be appreciated. idk why those one spots are whiter than the others because the wax is smooth as can be to the touch at least submitted by The_Braja to snowboardingnoobs [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:19 seriousleezz -------------------------- Old Stuff past this point -------------------------

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2022.01.22 17:19 sharag123 A 3 year old kid who's hospitalised and has been put on the ventilator

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2022.01.22 17:19 BassoeG Mortarion The Death Lord by David-Severeide

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2022.01.22 17:19 mxrky_ Siri not shuffling anymore

I drive a lot for work and i dont like to use my phone while driving so i use siri. It used to be i would tell Siri to play a song and it would play but then it would shuffle and play other songs after. Now it just plays the same song on repeat. Anybody know what i can do to fix that?
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2022.01.22 17:18 MeowSwiftie13 This is what I'm wearing to the tour, what r u guys gonna wear¿

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2022.01.22 17:18 majetikmouse We are less than twelve months away from from the collapse of society as we know it.

With the rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine things could spiral very quickly at this point! No one would be able to escape the consequences of a war between the US and Russia. And that is if NATO and China are not involved...but they probably would be.
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2022.01.22 17:18 KatoMacabre I want AEW/WWE to collab with Fortnite.

This might be the most random post of the day, I'm gonna get a ton of downvotes on this and I'm expecting all the "Fortnite sucks", "Dead Game", "Why would you want that" comments but...

Damn that is something I would get excited for lol. I play Fortnite from time to time, sometimes I can play it a lot in short periods of time, and I'm just sad there's practically no wrestling-themed or wrestling-aesthetically-inspired skins! And I very quickly started thinking about how cool a WWE or AEW collab could potentially be, maybe even attracting new eyes to the product in AEW's case!

In the WWE case, the wrestlers they could feature are pretty obvious. People like John Cena, The Undertaker or Rey Mysterio are a given, but in AEW they could be even a bit more original with wrestlers like Luchasaurus, the Lucha Bros, Malakai Black (They could even do an alternate attire with his skull mask), and one that I think would translate really well and would be pretty popular, Darby Allin. In this case they could also release a version based on his rubber hose/30s cartoon version from his titantron.

I don't know, this might be super random and something not many people want, but I think it would be super over-the-top in the best way and I would have so much fun with it lol
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2022.01.22 17:18 abolishthedea The Willie Mays Aikens story and liberal confusion about the Drug War

I myself believe in liberalism, but modern liberals have got the wrong end of the stick when it comes to the Drug War. They believe that the Drug War is basically a good idea, but that it needs to be tweaked in order to be fair. At least that's the impression that one gets after reading the story of Willie Mays Aikens, the record-setting Kansas City Royal who was arrested for selling "crack cocaine" and was sentenced to 20+ years in prison.
Willie has been beating himself up for years, saying he screwed up and he deserves all the hissing and boos that he gets. His only concern seems to be the fact that his sentence was far harsher than those meted out to whites for the use of the powdered form of cocaine. Far be it from Willie to take on the Drug War at large -- tho' it sidelines millions of voters of his own color -- he merely wants to tweak it in the interests of racial fairness. It's not so much that a great portion of his life was thrown away, but that the same outrageous punishment was not also meted out to white users of the coca plant. This is certainly ONE valid concern about the Drug War, but it's a myopic focus, as if Willie was looking for the one complaint about the Drug War that even Drug Warriors would have to agree with. "Hey, they got three bon-bons and I only got two!"
It's kind of like supporting the Jews in the Holocaust, not by condemning the concentration camps, but by decrying the lopsided demographics of their inmate populations.
Will apparently has never stopped to ask himself, why do we have law enforcement involved in the first place when it comes to the misuse of substances? We don't ask the police to break down the doors of someone who's taken aspirin unnecessarily or who takes Pepto Bismol in excess of the doses recommended on the label. What does law enforcement know about psychoactive medicines? Absolutely nothing, of course. The idea of involving law enforcement in substance "abuse" is merely a conservative plot to leverage human mistakes in the pharmacological realm for strategic political advantage. How? By creating drug-related laws that remove liberal voters like Willie from the voting rolls when they use substances in a way that seems like "abuse" to racist and pharmacologically ignorant politicians. Moreover, abuse of drugs is not even necessary to have one's life ruined since "use" constitutes "abuse" in the drug-hating dictionary of the Christian Scientist.
Willie Mays Aikens has fallen for the same drug war ideology as the rest of America: that politically demonized drugs are somehow bad in and of themselves (without regard for how or why they are used) and that all "drug" users truly need God.
Like most Americans, who have been indoctrinated since childhood in the Christian Science imperative of "just say no," Willie does not realize that the idea of saying "no" to drugs is not a rational rule but rather a religious conviction: the conviction of Christian Science as created by Mary Baker Eddy in 19th-century America, who considered that "drugs" were bad for religious reasons. But the plant substances that we criminalize today have been used responsibly by other cultures for millennia and have inspired entire religions. The idea that we should just say "no" to them -- while yet swilling down beer and smoking cigarettes, the two most dangerous drugs of all -- is just absurd and tyrannical.
Those few of us who detest the drug war for philosophical reasons can't help but be frustrated by folks like Willie: victims of the drug war who have internalized all the blame that should go by rights to the politicians who have banned plant medicine in violation of the natural law upon which America was founded.
Aikens learned the wrong lesson from his downfall: the real story is not that politically denigrated substances are bad and that we all need God in order to succeed, but rather that real, honest drug education is required to keep folks from making bad choices: education not incarceration, facts not fear.
That's why Aikens' life story is so frustrating: it makes an important point about the racism of the drug war -- but it stops there, failing to realize that the entire drug war was racist from the get-go: the entire drug war! It was created in order to marginalize minorities, not to improve public health. Harry J. Anslinger hounded Billie Holiday to her death not in order to get her off heroin but in order to make her stop singing songs that made white America uncomfortable. Nixon didn't care about the health of Timothy Leary and hippies in general. He wanted to remove them from the voting rolls. That's why his drug laws charged them with felonies, not misdemeanors, because only felonies would remove them from the voting rolls.
Earth to misguided liberals: The drug war is wrong root and branch. It is not simply an idea that has failed, but rather an idea that never had the right to succeed in the first place.
What more proof do we need? Liberals (like Pres. Biden, alas) have supported the Drug War for decades, and what's the result now? We have created a civil war in Mexico and empowered a self-proclaimed Drug War Hitler in the Philippines. Putin and Trump are in agreement that we need to murder "drug dealers" and Duterte says that users are just as bad as dealers. In short, I very much fear that liberal supporters of the drug war are beginning to reap the whirlwind, because democratic society itself is now in danger of giving way to the fascists who have been elected thanks to the way that the drug war disenfranchises its opponents.
The drug war is a real conservative coup, though. Not only does it disenfranchise folks like Willie, but it gets them to blame THEMSELVES for all the injustices that they undergo thanks to the Drug War. Except for the lopsided sentencing, Willie seems to agree that it makes sense for him to have had his life ruined for using plant medicine of which politicians disapprove.
That's wrong, and until liberals realize it, the drug war will continue to undermine democracy and turn the world into a police state.
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2022.01.22 17:18 Bright_Ad2949 South African rugby fans. Who would you vote to ref a RWC finals? 2011 Bryce Lawrence or 2021 Nic Berry?

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2022.01.22 17:18 MR__MOU Ecco2k x Bladee Type Beat x Mechatok Type Beat - "focus" (prod. s...

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2022.01.22 17:18 lucky_beaver_fun Changing Powershell to English for an atomic swap

I'm trying to do an atomic swap from BTC to XMR but the code that it runs in Powershell is in English and my Powershell is in another language. Is there any way around this? How to change the Powershell language?
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2022.01.22 17:18 Toadofrodo Dwarves. How do you run these in your games?

Personally, I love them. They are usually really funny and cool in practically every iteration they have been in ever (SQUATS LIVE *STOMP STOMP*) but I have barely ever seen people play them. I guess the furries are just more appealing to most players, but there is like a 1/5 chance my new character will be a dwarf. I usually don't see them played at most tables I have been at? What's your opinion on them? Do you change them? I usually have dwarves kinda like terry prachett dwarves, where they all have beards and male names, and they don't care about gender.
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2022.01.22 17:18 ckkuban "В Европе люди кушают мясо только по праздникам. Вода очень дорогая, поэтому моются редко и всей семьей в одном тазу. Зимой спят в одежде, потому что отопление дорогое. Интернет медленный и очень дорогой". Это факты из Российских федеральных СМИ и общественно-политических - экспертных ток-шоу.

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2022.01.22 17:18 Old_Truth6995 Red Velvet 레드벨벳 빨간 맛 안무 Red Flavor cover dance WAVEYA

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2022.01.22 17:18 WhyboyCorner Are The Deer Too Hot In Netflix's Riverdance? | ToonGrin Reviews

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2022.01.22 17:18 malikzaheer002012 Afghan Taliban delegation leaves for Norway for talks with US officials

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2022.01.22 17:18 windovs-_-xp666 Olum yardim edin la ben bu cms de ban dalgasina kapildim yeni hesap actim artik reddit surekli beni suspendliyip duruyor bunun önüne nasil gecebilirim yardimci olur musunuz?

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2022.01.22 17:18 Weirdo_seb69 i’ll take anything i don’t have tbh

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2022.01.22 17:18 puffaleupagus Shout out to my original package peeps 💜💛💖

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2022.01.22 17:18 PenetratorGod Sands of Faith

Young Ammar was the son of a legendary commander who had served in Sultan Ayzar's army years ago and died in a siege battle during the wars with the Rhodok Kingdom.
Ammar was in her twenties. He was tall and had a very strong appearance. The determined expression in his gaze gave him a striking handsomeness, and his virtues proved that he was the son of a great leader.
His honesty was never in doubt. When he was told about his ability to use a sword with his courage, it would be incredible for the audience. In fact, sometimes there were young people who came to visit him from far away just to see this, and Ammar would entertain these guests with a small tournament in the village square.
First of all, Ammar would start with a single opponent. Then there would be two, and three, four… In the end, they would accept defeat and drop their swords. After the consolation meal, they would go back to the villages they came from to tell what they saw. Ammar's skill with the sword came entirely from within. He had discovered this feature at the beginning of his adolescence. So no one had ever taught him that.
Ammar was the only child in the household. His mother had died so early that he had no memory of her at the moment. He lost his father when he was seven or eight years old. Little Ammar had no other relatives. She was raised in the village by a benevolent old man who had never had children and had lost his wife to illness.
He raised Ammar with great interest, putting him in the place of his own child. Affan was a master of his craft, a humble farmer and taught Ammar very well. Since he could not work in the fields due to the weakness of old age, all the work was left to his adopted son.
The village of Ayn Asuadi, where they lived, was located in a small area in the region of large sand dunes that formed the western border of Sarranid. This part of the country has been under threat and risk for many years due to its proximity to the Rhodok Kingdom.
The main source of income of Ayn Asuadi Village is date palm groves. Its people were known to be hardworking like bees.

March 23, 1257, Village of Ayn Asuadi
It was a very hot Spring day today. I had been working for hours in a small wheat field just by the south entrance of my village. Now that I was overwhelmed by the scorching heat of the sun, I decided to lie down and rest in the shade of an old palm tree at the edge of our field.
While I was watching the deep blue sky, I started to feel the tiredness of working nonstop since morning in every inch of my body. I've also been sleep deprived for the past few days. I straightened slightly and glanced over the field.
I had very little work left; but meanwhile my eyelids were getting heavy. With the intention of sleeping and resting for a few hours, I lay down again and closed my eyes, but involuntarily I fell into the arms of a deep sleep...
While sleeping on my back, I suddenly woke up. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the darkening sky. I was watching the leaves swaying with the wind on the tree next to me with squinted eyes. I noticed the cooling air and the fact that I slept more than necessary. My mouth was dry. Then I stood up and reached for the broken-mouthed jug beside the tree.
There was no water left in it. With the empty jug in my hand, I got up and started walking towards the well outside the village. I was only a short distance away from reaching the water when I noticed a black horse drinking from the trough.
I paused where I was, so as not to frighten him and prevent him from fulfilling his need. But after a short while, looking more carefully, I realized that the horse was not wild, and I approached it with slow steps. There was a situation that I found strange; because although he had a saddle, his owner was not around, and besides, no one in the village had a horse. We usually rode camels.
As I got closer to it, I noticed that there were blood stains on it. I got out and looked around. When I couldn't see anyone, I started running in the direction it came from, following the horseshoe tracks left by the animal on the road; After a while I came across a man lying motionless in the middle of the desert.
This man, whom I did not know, was scarcely clear from his tattered clothing that he was a Sarranid frontier. One of them was a crossbow arrow and the other two were badly injured by being shot with arrows shot from a regular bow and was unconscious; but he was still breathing...
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2022.01.22 17:18 Inattendue Sailor Pro Gear - Fika (LE) Daylight pics

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2022.01.22 17:18 abc123abz Zillow made an account for me when I did an application for a rental property. How to remove?

This is just annoying. I was looking at a rental property and did an application, which got my name, number, and email. And it turns out, it automatically made a Zillow account for me too. And I did NOT want to do that. I used a fake email ([]( because I did not think this was to create an account. I thought my application will only be sent to the broker or home owner so they can call me about renting the property.
Anyways, I did use my real number, since that is the way I wanted them to get a hold of me.
Now, I want to remove my number, but I cannot find it there.
I want to deactivate my account, but I cannot see my number saved in the settings. I would like to remove my number first, then deactivate it. Where is my number? I put it in the application, so shouldn't it be displayed here?
Please let me know.
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2022.01.22 17:18 FlouriteChakra I really need help :/

I’m struggling with a homework problem. It goes: Find the electric field strength between two parallel plates. The plates are oppositely charged and each plate has a charge of 19 µC and an area of 21 cm².
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2022.01.22 17:18 Sn3zleR Ronald McDonald is getting really bold😳

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