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Water Bowl vs Water Feature

2021.12.09 10:38 griffgraff97 Water Bowl vs Water Feature

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2021.12.09 10:38 Creepy-Nectarine-225 Name of this landmark is kinda sus

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2021.12.09 10:38 Ivrene Does Neko fall Under the Umbrella of Furry?

I want to call myself a furry, but I don't want to impose myself on the community if I'm just a Neko and nothing more.
For context, I wear cat ears all the time except for sleepies and showers. I also frequently wear fingerless furry gloves that have toe beans on them.
I want to add more items to my outfit in the future like furry arm warmers and a tail if that makes a difference
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2021.12.09 10:38 Bonus1Fact From about 22,300 miles up, the #GOESEast 🛰️ is monitoring the weather over the U.S. this morning. One system has prompted #WinterStorm Watches and Warnings from CO to MI, while another will bring an #EnhancedRisk of severe storms across the Lower Miss. Valley tomorrow.

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2021.12.09 10:38 maurits_weiqi My attempt at reinvigorating this subreddit

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2021.12.09 10:38 Oliverg1988 33 m UK [chat] looking for that chat you look forward to opening, that person you can really have a laugh with and conversations flow so easily

Hi all I'm oli, I'm 33 from the UK, looking for anyone to just chat, laugh and talk nonsense with. Quick bit about me I'm an easy going guy, love anything comedy, music, gaming and always open to new suggestions. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you 😊
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2021.12.09 10:38 canadian-weed Mammoths and North American horses vanished later than previously thought: researchers | CBC News

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2021.12.09 10:38 shercroft What did the man say after his friend gave him 50 out of his 60 pillows?

I need the rest.
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2021.12.09 10:38 mal221 Party games

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2021.12.09 10:38 IrishAmericanNovels New Historical Fiction about the American Civil War

My new novel about the American Civil War, "Confederacy of Fenians", is available for pre-order. If you enjoy reading about the Civil War, about Irish history (the Fenians are key to the plot), or just enjoy a good read, give it a try. It's a "what if" novel with a surprise plot twist, but all well-grounded in history and full of real-life figures from the war.
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2021.12.09 10:38 Southern_Ad_5727 Cortex App Project Receives Polygon Developer Grant to Build Open Metaverse

YouBase, Inc. the creator of the Cortex App Project (http://crtx.app) has received a BUILD Grant via the Polygon Developer Support Program to build out Web3 solutions on the Polygon and Ethereum Blockchain Ecosystems. Cortex is a new application that will make it simple to build crypto into every page on the web, creating a solid foundation for Web3 and emerging metaverse applications.
Cortex Application Receives Polygon Grant to Build Out Web3 Cortex is building easy-to-use tools for anyone to build a Web3 presence that is owned by the users, creating their own part of the metaverse. YouBase, Inc., the creator of the Cortex App Project (http://crtx.app) has received a BUILD Grant via the Polygon Developer Support Program to build Web3 and open metaverse solutions on the Polygon and Ethereum Blockchain Ecosystems. Cortex is a new application that will make it simple to build crypto into every page on the web, creating a solid foundation for Web3 and emerging metaverse applications. Leonard Kish, CEO and Co-founder of YouBase and Cortex App says: "Our goal at Cortex is to allow anyone to achieve the benefits of Web3 and build their own metaverse. Cortex will let users control their entire Web3 presence including, tokens, data, social relationships, web properties, and even public/private data infrastructure. For developers, we are bringing a consistent structure to the metaverse with decentralized domains, identities, URLs, and data in one place. By building on Polygon, our community will have the flexibility to tokenize and transact at very low cost." Ishan Negi, NFT/Gaming Lead at Polygon (https://polygon.technology) says:
"We are proud to support the development and launch of Cortex. Cortex is building easy-to-use tools for anyone to build a Web3 presence that is owned by the users, creating their own part of the metaverse. The Cortex application and the human-readable wallet URLs together have the potential to play a major role in easing the transition to Web3 for everyone, with new use cases on-chain, off-chain, and across chains."
Josh Robinson, CTO and Co-founder of YouBase and Cortex App says:
"Polygon, with its low-cost transactions, high scalability, and simple Ethereum integration, is the natural choice to allow users to interact with Web3 in many new ways. We have already moved some DNS contracts onto Polygon with Butterfly Protocol to create a cross-chain Web3 DNS environment. This is just the start to what we will be launching on Polygon in the coming months."
Decentralized Domain Name Systems (DNSs) are web domains managed by smart contracts on blockchains rather than centralized DNS servers of the legacy web. Having Cortex on Polygon will be another step toward coordinating domain names across blockchain chains like Ethereum and Cardano. Cortex application makes it simple to create pages, browse and interact in an environment where every page is also a crypto wallet address. This is a major step in unlocking the power of Web3 across chains.
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2021.12.09 10:38 wlu1 Ppl who criticize Lana for the “shein dress” need to get off their high horse

First of all it’s not actually from shein, but even if it is from shein, so what? These people act like they actually care about the environment or sustainability lmao as if they’re not just dying to find an excuse to criticize her on the internet. Like, let’s see what y’all’s closet looks like?? Just because she’s a celebrity she has to wear a $1000 dress to look pretty for u? Lmao. I bet if a man wore it no one will bat an eye
What’s next, they caught her drinking with a plastic draw and they’re gonna go on social media and say how she’s killing turtles?? These ppl need to stop acting like they actually care about real world issues
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2021.12.09 10:38 cool145 Mercedes AMG ONE 2021

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2021.12.09 10:38 SouthSink1232 Share Sundae Testnet Experience

Just to qualify myself, my biggest investment is in ADA. I hold a substantial amount and I would like nothing more than to see everything succeed that is tied to it. But the sundae testnet so far has been very discouraging. I first jumped in on Monday, Dec 6 when it was launched. Nothing worked for me. And there were many UI bugs that should have been fixed prior to a network scalability test (which is what I assume is the main reason to test on public testnet). Today, four days later, I came back to take another shot. Some things have been improved but still seeing many errors and have not seen a successful swap occur. The swap delay is concerning as that enforces the narrative on Cardano not able to handle concurrency. So I asked myself, would I swap or add liquidity on sundae if it was in mainnet today or next week. No. Really looking forward to Hydra, P2P networking and anything else that can improve scalability
Would you trade on sundae today or next week? What is your experience? Lets be completely honest
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2021.12.09 10:38 FuzzyBookkeeper4192 My (38M) wife (36F) is planning to give puberty blockers to our son (12M).

During his childhood, we let him play with anything he wanted, including ''girls'' toys. He never had the thought of being a ''girl'', or transitioning to a girl. Even though my wife tried to raise him without ''gender stereotypes'', and told him that he can choose to be a girl or something else since he is 6, he was never interested with something like this. I always treated him like my son, and raised him like that. Never encouraged him to wear dresses or play with makeup, though my wife did.
Last year some trans/queegay people visited their school, and gave something like a seminar along with a gender education. After that our son started questioning his gender, and my wife without thinking twice about it, started telling him that he may be a girl and she as her mother she will support him. I fought with her really bad about it, not because I don't support LGBTQ+, but because he's a fucking 12yo. She keep insisting that she knew it since he was a ''baby'' that he was going to transition into a girl, and now blaming me that I didn't saw it. I don't agree with this, he was a normal boy, and my wife forced him to do specific things to be ''gender neutral''.
Last month, my wife asked our son that if he is sure about transitioning into a girl. He said ''I don't know'', after that my wife literally manipulated him to think he wants to transition into a girl, and everything will be ''perfect'' after that. I'm really hopeless, and can't argue because whenever I do she declare me as a ''bad guy'' to everyone, including our son. A week ago, my son told me that during their weekly ''LGBTQ+ support group'' meetings my wife talked about me as a ''homophobic husband'', which I'm not. I just don't support manipulating 12yo kids to changing their genders. When he grows up, after 17-18, he may transition into whatever the fuck he wants but at this age this is pure stupidity.
After this ''support group'' encouraged my wife to go to a psychiatrist and other professionals to talk about our son' transition, they suggested for our son to take puberty blockers before ''it's too late''. After my wife convinced our son that everything will be ''beatiful'' and ''perfect'' after taking these, our son agreed on it. Next week they will buy these blockers, and give it to my son.
I talked with a lawyer, and lawyer basically told me that because he wants to change his gender and his mother supports this there is nothing I can do. I'm looking for something to change her mind but I'm really hopeless and don't know what to do. I feel really bad because this will destroy his life, and I'm sure that he will regret this later on life. If any of you had similar experinces, please share your advice.
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2021.12.09 10:38 thehamurfather People of steelbook sub ! Do you guys think mediapsychos or hidefninja is better for group buys

Let me know !
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2021.12.09 10:38 UmiStepOnMePlease Insanely thick hair, been growing them for the past 4 months, should I get a trim?

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2021.12.09 10:38 FireWithBoxingGloves What are the racist stereo types the rest of the world has about white American tourists/ex-pats?

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2021.12.09 10:38 vargina-enjoyer [Serious] People from NYC or any other major US cities, how many rats do you see on a daily basis?

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2021.12.09 10:38 NationalPassion9144 Insult me

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2021.12.09 10:38 HodenHodler Anybody else got addicted playing around with the calculator?

The fact you can become a millionaire with a 100$ investment even if the price goes down is just so mind blowing to me 😂
I love how this token is built up 🚀🚀🚀
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2021.12.09 10:38 Prestigious-String90 Gigantic, Colorful Graffiti Walls in Downtown Macon - There are 4 community graffiti walls that anyone can spray paint without worrying about the law!

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2021.12.09 10:38 eddie_4515 Hello! I'm from Brazil. Can you give me a little help? :D

Greetings everyone! Alright?
Much pleasure! I am a practitioner from Brazil.
I'm curious to know what Wicca is like outside my country. If you can respond to this post, I am extremely grateful.

I would like to hear from you about the practice of Wicca around the world.
I have a few questions here, but feel free to tell me about Wicca in your country with answers in addition to my questions.
I can also talk about the practice here in Brazil if there is interest. If you like, please comment here so I know :D

If you could define Wicca in your country, how would you define it? / Are there many covens in your country? / Do you suffer from any kind of prejudice? / When you tell a friend you're a witch, what's his reaction? / In your country, do you usually recommend traditions (Gardnerian, Alexandrina...) or is the most recommended option a more solitary practice? / Do you hear anything about the practice here in Brazil? Here, we hear a lot about the United States and England, but not in as much detail about what's happening now. We have a reference from Gerald Gardner, Alex and Maxine Sanders, Doreen Valiente, Raymond Buckland, etc., but we don't really know how the scenario is currently in these same countries.

I don't know English very well, I'm using the translator. If there is any grammatical error, disregard it
Thank you very much in advance!
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2021.12.09 10:38 BlindJustice1787 Things that make you go hmmm....Apple TV will allow Screen Mirroring but not Remote Control

I have different VLANs setup, but for this post I am concerned with the ones for my streaming devices, which are all hardwired, and my user devices (cell phones, laptops, etc). I am able to screen mirror from my cell phone to all the Apple TVs in my house without an issue; however, I cannot get remote control to see the Apple TVs in order to control them.
From what I understand, the Apple TVs use Airplay for screen mirroring, but I do not understand what they use for the remote function, and therefore, I cannot seem to "fix" this loss of functionality. Thoughts? Fixes?
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2021.12.09 10:38 SunOfNoOne I triggered something really close to a Salvia experience last night while meditating.

I meditate every night when I go to bed and kind of use that as a transition into sleep. I just lay flat on my bed, face up. No limbs touching each other or torso. Spread eagle I guess. I close my eyes and try my very best to create a mental image that is indistinguishable from my eyes being open and looking at something directly. Usually once I do, that image freely runs like those never ending loop videos that bring you back to the original image. But these have never felt very Salvia like. No interaction, just watching it flow.
So last night I was doing this and a very, let's just say sexual image pops into my mind. Not vulgar, but rather alarming because I really don't think about that kind of stuff, like ever. I have to force myself to be intimate when I do. It's just not me. So there this was and it caused me to step back and start asking why? Why am I seeing this? Why did my thoughts go there? How is this important. My eyes were still closed and then the Salvia thing happened.
What I had originally seen as a sexual image was still there, but I was able to sort of step to the side of it. It didn't morph or anything, I was just looking at it wrong. And as odd as this sounds, it was actually a 50's style diner. I was sitting in a side booth, looking down the long bar counter with all the stools. There was one guy alone at the far end. No workers, no other customers. Dark outside the windows. I couldn't see anything outside, like they were blacked out.
I said to the guy, "hey, where are we?" He looked up at me and I've never seen this person before in my life. Older guy, maybe in his 40s or early 50s. Short hair, slightly curly on top. He looked like a nice guy. Eyes seemed kind from the distance. So he looked up and said "I'm sorry?" But when he did, he was one stool closer to me and there was still a version of himself facing down in the far stool. So two of them now.
"Where are we? What is this place?"
One stool closer, "oh are you looking for something?"
"No I just want to know where I am right now."
Another stool, "people only ever come here when they are looking for something."
"Who are you? How long have you been here? ...How long have I been here?"
Then he closed the gap and was at the closest stool to me but the room was suddenly full of other versions of him all now animated and talking and laughing with each other. He was even the workers too. He ignored my questions and he looked right me but his eyes seemed funny. Something was off about them. He asked, "Do you even know what you are looking for?" But with kind of a smart ass tone and I didn't really like that. It annoyed me.
I said back in kind of a smart ass tone, "I do actually. I just don't know where it's at. I know it's not this though, so what is this?"
Then he was in the booth with me. All of him in the room got silent and were staring at me. I was cornered against the wall and his eyes were absolutely fucked. They weren't pupils or slits but like, plus signs maybe. And they were kind of doing a kaleidoscope thing around these symbols. He said "It's in your fucking heart". And his face began to shift into something else. I'm not sure what. I opened my eyes. I was never asleep. It was really damn strange so I got up and thought about it a bit. Wrote some of it down to analyze today. I smoked some weed and went to bed for real.
I've been trying to figure out Salvia without Salvia. I think it might be working... but in typical Salvia fashion, new territory is never what you expect it to be.
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