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2021.12.09 09:45 Fulscura Do we know if they plan a rerun of Naesala GHB ?

I need one copy and I want to keep my grails
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2021.12.09 09:45 IPad_Jordan Does folding graphic tees cause damage to the graphic ?

View Poll
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2021.12.09 09:45 coldestbagel Urinalysis [OC]

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2021.12.09 09:45 DJBUSTERNUT North East England hardcore rave scene: A short history/summary

Anybody wanting to edit, ammend, improve the knowledge you are welcome
Not forgetting all the nightclubs that used to play rave/hardcore/Italian house style during the boom around 1991-1995. Bourbon Street in Sunderland, Oz in South Shields, Club Lucy's in Darlington, The Powerhouse in Stockton & Redcar, Top Hat in Spennymoor, Reds/Lennon's Bishop Auckland. And a shout out to Dave the Rave.
Event: Rezerection (Newcastle/Scotland) 1990-1997 The Rez was the daddy of them all. A major event. Started in a small club in Newcastle, the rave scene exploded, and it moved to the legendary large capacity Mayfair nightclub in Newcastle, which has now closed. It was a massive nightclub underneath where "The Gate" is now. At the Mayfair they had The Prodigy, Carl Cox, Dream Frequency, Mickey Finn and all the big names of the time. They moved to Royal Highland Centre in Scotland, which was a gigantic conference centre. They also had a few festivals with outdoor arenas. Rez Event 3 was non-stop 20 hours long. They had the biggest names playing at each event. It was on par with Helter Skelter and Dreamscape in the 90s hardcore scene, only Fantazia can best them.
1st all-nighter club Blue Monkey (Sunderland) 1990/1991-1992(?) It was classed as a rave club but really if you call songs like ride like the wind, Italian House and other chart stuff at the time rave, well that's what it was then. This club got closed down at the end of 1992??? Due to drugs and a death by stabbing and this club was owned by none of the below parties. Adrian Street had a residency.
2nd all-nighter club After Dark 1 (Sunderland) 1992-1994) Mixture of Italian House, Hardcore, House and random stuff. DJs and MCs Full Effect, Jimmy G-Force, Jason Bushby, Daz Attack etc used to play here. Carl Cox even played there once, and rumours are he didn't get paid. When closed, they moved to the Colloseum. https://www.facebook.com/groups/456019835060756/
3rd all-nighter club The Venue in Spennymoor, 1992(?)-1995 Based in an old Bingo Hall/Cinema. An all-nighter that played Italian House, and a mixture of old hardcore/rave. A weird mix, but most of these clubs had their own style of music. They were tied to the rave scene, but if somebody coming from Fantazia or Helter Skelter walked in they would be confused as to what they were hearing. In 1995 things were hard and fast, but the Venue kept the BPM lower. I think it was raided once by the police, and in 1995 it burnt down. Some say an insurance job. If you look on google maps at Cheapside Spennymoor next to the library, it's a fenced off empty hole with weeds growing on it. Nobody has built on it since they demolished the building decades ago. Well known DJs and MCs in the North East like DJ Charlie, Selector C, Jimmy G-Force, Techno T and MC Stompin, Adrian Street played at the Venue. https://www.facebook.com/groups/13158702230.
Up the main street in Spennymoor was the Top Hat nightclub which shut around 1am. It played a similar style, and the same DJs. I think the DJs and MCs used to carry their stuff to the Venue down the road and to play there. Top Hat changed names a few times and had a few local bounce events in the 2000s when it was called The Cube.
Event: Judgement Day 1993(?)-1999 (Newcastle) Judgement Day was more tied to the UK Hardcore scene than the others. An event type rave, well known around the country with people travelling from all over the UK to attend. The legendary DJ/producer Bass Generator ran this. I think Mikey B (Dream Frequency MC, DJ at Fantazia-Big Bang) came along later. It started in Whitley Bay at the small 200 capacity Global Village club. In 1994 they moved to Newcastle University Student Uni which held around 1000 plus, until they stopped in 1999. In 1997 & 1998 they put on shows at Rezerections stomping ground at The 5000 capacity, Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh.
Judgement Day was an event rather than a club. It ran once a month, and sometimes toured venues, but its home was Newcastle Uni. Some ealier events at the uni were on a Thursday night 6pm till 1pm, and it was still packed. It moved to a Saturday later on. It showcased the best, most famous hardcore DJs/PAs from around the world, and had a harder edge compared to raves down south.They say the further North you get the harder the sound got. They had a Gabber room and Loftgroover, Smurf etc used to bang out 200+BPM speedcore. Although, in the main room they still had "happycore" DJs coming to play from down south. It didn't get too cheesy as there is a fable that one of the DJs played DJ Magical-Rush Hour, which was a pretty saccharine song, and Bassy G came over, took the record off the turntable and smashed it on the floor.
Around '97 the Colosseum DJs and MCs started getting more gigs in favour of a flyer full of expensive big name DJs, maybe because the hardcore scene was dying, less people coming so less money to fly in DJs from all over the world, so they got the local boys in to smash it.
Event: Unity (Newcastle) 1995-1996 Unity had two big events at the Mayfair Newcastle in 95. On the second event somebody died, and that was the last rave at the Mayfair. Unity had a couple more events elsewhere in 1996, but the turnout was poor.
4th All-nighter club Colosseum (Stockton) 1994-1997 It was an old cinema, which was turned into the Fiesta club in the '70s for the oldies to watch Neil Diamond and Tom Jones sing. The Fiesta club refurbishment gave it its unique layout, and "mediteranian village" feel. It was repurposed as an all night drug rave in 1994. The same owners of the After Dark 1 moved to Stockton and opened the club under a few names like Club Fiesta until they decided to name it the Colosseum. The venue was pretty big, with balconies, different levels at the back, chill out rooms, little nooks and crannies you could hide out in. It had a towering sound system, massive, if you got on the sound system and fell you would probably break your neck. It also had a proper laser machine which moved to the After Dark 2. All the DJs/MCs from the previous clubs move over like DJ NRG, Full Effect, Daz Attack, Stompin, Techno T, Selector C, Jimmy G-Force, DJ Charlie etc. They had big name DJs/PAs on all the time like Ultra Sonic, Mark Smith, Ultimate Buzz, Q-Tex, Paul Elstak. Music was another weird mix of UK hardcore, Scottish & Dutch bouncy techno, Italian & Spanish rave, trancey stuff from Europe all played at a fast BPM. They used to tinker with the 1210's, take off the platter, turn a screw which raised the BPM faster than default. Again, it was classed as a rave, but it had its own style of music separate from the big raves like Helter Skelter, Rezerection.
It was raided in 1996, which was all over the North East news. They probably got loads of hassle from the council, and police, especially when they were members only clubs and mostly none of these clubs had an alcohol licence, so the council cannot collect cash money from them. They even had trouble from drug gangs down South wanting to take over and sell drugs there. There's a story on a forum somewhere where one of the DJs or MCs tell the tale of this gang coming up from London to smash the place up. As far as I remember the DJ said they had baseball bats hidden, and they called all their buds in, they were crapping themselves waiting for this gang to appear with guns and start a gang war in a packed club. In the end, nobody turned up.
The Colly closed in 1997, and now it's a called "Destiny Church".
Apparently, owner Gary Robb did a runner and is wanted by the cops. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/former-colosseum-boss-gary-robb-11939129
5th All-nighter club After Dark 2 (South Shields) 1996-2001 In 1996 the crew from the Colosseum opened the After Dark and ran it on Fridays and Colly on the Saturdays. Colly shut down, then After Dark 2 moved to Saturdays and received the laser machine. Again, this one probably closed after they were chased out by the council. The same DJs and MCs moved over, with a few new editions. I know that MC Jet and Hype started here. Music is the same weird mix of being in the hardcore scene but having its own style of UK Hardcore, Scottish Bouncy Techno, European stuff, Italian, Spanish, German trance everything goes, UK trancecore tunes which were ignored by the rest of the hardcore scene but adopted here and at the Colly. One DJ used to play a heavily sped up Venga Boys-Up & Down so literally anything went if the style fit. As far as I know, the first seeds for a complete North East Makina take over were being sown at the After Dark 2. It shut down in 2001 and the downstairs part is now "Ahmed's International Foodstore".
6th All-nighter club New Monkey 1999-2006 It was raided and closed in 2006. It burnt down.
They even made a documentary about its cultural impact on the North East and the Makina scene after the closure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERduHuuS7Yc&ab_channel=4%3A3
[i]Somebody else should fill this in, I know nothing about the Makina revolution[/i]
Event: Hangar 13 - McEwans Centre - Sunderland 2000-2007
[i]Somebody else should fill this in[/i]
Oasis (Bishop Auckland) 1998-2000s Zippy & Trixy used to run under 18 UK hardcore and bounce nights at small pub Laceys, then moved to the Reds/Lennon's nightclub. Reds also used to be a soft rave nightclub around 1995 playing all the cheesy stuff. There's still a bounce scene in Bishop where they have outdoor events at the Bishop Rugby club field and other stuff in pubs where John Fazak and others have a scene going. (I'm a bit hazy on the finer details).
If anybody else wants to perfect this with better knowledge, feel free to.
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2021.12.09 09:45 Archimageg [Recruiting] CLAWS OUT | TH9+ | Clan lvl 19 | Crystal II CWL | Social + War + CWL | Independent

Hey guys, we are Claws Out, a dying / dead clan looking to rebuild! We’re looking for any nice people from all around the world. (as long as you speak English) Preferably no rushed bases! We love to be sociable but take war fairly seriously. (no missed hits please) Please do contact me or just apply to our clan with the tag below. I would absolutely love to get this clan back up strong so any people looking to stay long term are incredibly welcome!
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2021.12.09 09:45 log_kyakahenge Can you explain my behaviour?

I'm a full time student. My job is to literally study but I don't do that. Instead i watch Netflix and scroll social media for hours/days/months/years and study a day before the exams.
I feel weird and disoriented and incapable of surviving work cause the only thing I do everyday is sleep eat use my phone and repeat.
What's wrong with me? Everyone else seems to be working hard everyday or at least having fun everyday, I'm not doing either.
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2021.12.09 09:45 faceguy3982 Solo question

I got into gloom recently iv been playing jaws of the lion with some friends and was thinking about doing a solo of main gloomhaven can i play 4 characters or does having exact knowledge of all the skills and planning turns as one person break the game?
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2021.12.09 09:45 yansaan I make worst brawlified meme

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2021.12.09 09:45 moniqueson Noticed these textured spots on my Pilea peperomioide... Not sure if I should be concerned. Also I just found this tiny stick-looking spider on it (that I killed) and I'm not sure if it's related to this

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2021.12.09 09:45 purecosmicdread Thank you for the pictures

I just blocked a user because they posted a nice anti pitbull post that made it to all in thats interesting or something idk. Op further cites a wiki article saying pits were bred for fighting and hunting. True. Op also claims other negative bs all while omitting the part of the article disproving the myths he is spreading. Whole thread full of hate and lies saying they arent family dogs and should be put down. All while my little pibble is curled up under blankets waiting for my son to wake up so he can love him. So thank you for showing how much you love and care for your pits. Helped calm me down
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2021.12.09 09:45 Chadwiko Latest fashion: rocket jump boots

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2021.12.09 09:45 ThenLog2473 WAIT GACHA HEAT no no.. Its A Boxer

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2021.12.09 09:45 SH4D0W_G4M1NG Selling

Selling dm galaxy fox any offer?
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2021.12.09 09:45 costa049 Missing functions

Hi. I have the latest version of instagram ( on a poco f3 running Android 11, and I cant reply to specific messages or add different reactions. I can only like a message with two taps or, pressing a message, doing a like, copying it or report it. I've already tried to see if it is any bug or if these function are just unavailable for me. Any help?
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2021.12.09 09:45 WallRemote6029 I am just sooooooo much bored because my exam is going on i missssssssssss minecraft i haven't played it since november

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2021.12.09 09:45 Judgement_Bot_AITA AITA for jokingly emasculating my boyfriend in front of his family?

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2021.12.09 09:45 THECHEF6400 Pass? Waited 7 min but pretty faint for both….

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2021.12.09 09:45 Unsung_Hybrid LPT: What would you tell your younger self to improve or change, if able to go back in time?

Sometimes, I wish life was more like a video game, where you can just save and go back and redo all those times you've messed up; or generally want a better experience. Now, we can't do that in real life. However, if we were miraculously given one chance to go back in time for the purpose of improving oneself, what is it that you would tell your younger self? Just that one chance.
For me, it'd be to my high school-age self; to not get involve with those headbanging crowd and start smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. Rather, to get involved with track and field and exercising. Well, I wasn't that big; so, football wouldn't fit. Hey, anybody can run, or get into it. Also, join an academic team and focus better with homework, getting better grades and be more friendlier and kinder to friends and family. Hey stupid.. also treat that first girlfriend much better and differently. Lastly, start investing and saving the moment you get a job, or start of your career.
Well, eventually, I got the wiser and didn't turn out too bad; but a late bloomer. However, I wonder how much difference for the better I could've made in life, if I was a much better person from my younger days.
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2021.12.09 09:45 Guywith3wives Nafrat mat pehlao.....bas yehi kahna hai

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2021.12.09 09:45 dchl3472 Oval Christmas lights question

Has anyone else had trouble finding the oval Christmas lights in the build menu? I bought them in the atomic shop but have been having trouble locating them. Thank you
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2021.12.09 09:45 KriotonComics Cover Pencils for Krioton Comics #4

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2021.12.09 09:45 tylerderped Why is fuel efficient routes putting me on a LESS efficient route?

So I recently moved, and before, to get to work, I’d get on the highway and drive to work. Now, Google Maps puts me on a route that exclusively puts me on city streets??!? It’s a couple more miles to take the highway, but the highway is still the most fuel efficient route. My fuel efficiency has dropped from 40 -> 36.
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2021.12.09 09:45 droXdrough Drake's withdraw from the Grammys devalues the Grammys

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