Face swells super often after septum piercing?

2021.12.09 10:49 Lilgothbbyy Face swells super often after septum piercing?

I have my septum since like a week today ! Since like 3 days my eyes, lips and my whole face swell up multiple times a day
It’s really annoying and my face feels ‚thick' all the time even if it isn’t visibly swollen
The piercing itself literally seemed healed perfectly like after a week it moves around super easily and doesn’t hurt anymore and never had crusties
And if I was allergic to it could I ever have a septum again? It makes me sm prettier so I’d be sad
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2021.12.09 10:49 XA07 I need help

If someone can help in walking me through some of the basic stuff like how to submit the pset and stuff like that as i ve never taken online courses before and idk what to do
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2021.12.09 10:49 jacobwyc I think i may know about one piece!

just rewatched episode 968 where roger names the island "laugh tale" and how everyone laughed at it saying it was a stupendous treasure. I reckon they laughed because only some sort of rubber man or giants or rubber awakening can use/wield or wear!

What do you guys think?
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2021.12.09 10:49 OttieandEddie Women of REDDIT, what is the first thing you look at when you see an attractive man?

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2021.12.09 10:49 williamsturgeon The 1st PlayToEarn concept has been live for 1 week now!

The 1st PlayToEarn concept has been live for 1 week now!
✅More than 500 eggomon farmed on Binance Smart Chain, it boosts our activites for a next MVB (Most Valuable Builder program from Binance).
✅Eggomon concept is a basis for the upcoming P2E on desktop to grant access to members who do not have a VR device.
What's next about the game? ☃️ We are preparing the end of year event with a collector & limited #NFT edition, a new route, a new map ❄️ All these are currently under design!
🌐Have you hatched your eggs? Show us what you got!💚 https://twitter.com/RevomonVstatus/1468938594756739079
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2021.12.09 10:49 Equal-Law-1876 My cat

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2021.12.09 10:49 chrizm32 Just walked past my kid’s room, and the routine that activates ambient sleep sounds on his echo dot when it detects motion started playing it on MY LIVING ROOM SONOS. I have no explanation for this. Alexa sucks.

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2021.12.09 10:49 magicunicornhandler Moving an indoor/outdoor cat to an apartment

I'm going to be moving myself my daughter and our cat to an apartment soon to get out of the place I'm living. The cat in question is about a year old and has always been indoooutdoor because cleaning litter boxes is A)annoying and B) triggers my asthma when cleaning.
I know we will probably end up having to get a litter box but I think my 7 year old is old enough to clean a litter box. It would be her weekly chore. But I'm more concerned about how it would be for the cat mentally to not be able to come and go as he pleases anymore. Does anyone have advice?
He's a great cat doesn't scratch or chew anything but also worried it would start that type of behavior.
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2021.12.09 10:49 So_chesse eeeeeeee

this aint heat anymore so yeah make random shit ig
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2021.12.09 10:49 Retouchess 10 SOL AIRDROP 💲 READ THE COMMENT BELOW👀👇!!!

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2021.12.09 10:49 thecaveman96 Autoeq is incredible

I learned about autoeq only a few days ago. Discovered that there's an app called Wavelet on android that does this nicely. I've been using the dt770 32ohm with a samsung type c cable for a while. I've notice quite a bit of hiss (which I think is called sibilance) in certain songs' quiet portions. The sound quality was probably the best I'd heard in my normie life but it sort of lacked a magical clarity I had once experienced using Viper4Android with a pair of cheap iems. With wavelet and autoeq applied, it changes the headphones completely. The high end is a little lower than I like (bumped it up a little manually) but everything else is so much better. The hiss is gone and the sound is more fuller. I don't really understand how eq can make such a massive difference but this is a game changer imo. Is this something I should expect with most headphones?
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2021.12.09 10:49 CapitalCourse So, so close to getting it

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2021.12.09 10:49 GriffTrip Hmm up 35% to start the mornjng?! YES PLEASE! 📈🚀🚀💎💎💎🦍💪

Just thought we could all enjoy this tasty little treat before we head out into our day life.
For me, union carpenter checkin in for the 4 kids and supportive wife.
LFG COS!!! 🚀📈🚨💎💎💎
**Long on this project. Adding when I'm not buying LRC... 🦍💪
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2021.12.09 10:49 Leonryann Womens of reddit help please

Beautiful womens of reddit, which boy would you prefer more. I am really heartbroken right now. And i dont want to go through this stage again in my life 😢. Please help me, its really painful for me as i am a extra emotional guy.

  1. Boy who spends bit more time with you and is serious about everything
  2. Comedy boys with nice humor and personality and respects every women
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2021.12.09 10:49 JillyHorrorshow Would anyone like cheap tickets to Lightopia?

I've got 2 tickets to Lightopia (the 'magical display of illumination in Heaton Park) booked for 5:30pm on Thurs 16 Dec but am frustratingly not going to be in Manchester now. Would anyone like them? I paid £20 each, you could have them for a tenner each?
The tickets are a PDF with QR codes so I can just email them to you, and you could pay me by Paypal. Happy to verify myself somehow if that will reassure. To find out more about Lightopia: https://manchester.lightopiafestival.com
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2021.12.09 10:49 Specialist_Menu_424 everyone is sus

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2021.12.09 10:49 maldographic The size of these hats to use while working outside under the sun is interesting to say the least. (Note: this was at my local Walmart where I work at)

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2021.12.09 10:49 Purple-Ad9968 Made a pretty simple Russian pilot outfit for my first post here.

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2021.12.09 10:49 bigdoobydoo How does Smith machine bench press translate to barbell bench

Did 60 x 12 kg bench with the Smith how well would it translate to free weight
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2021.12.09 10:49 Effective_Face_5631 Dragon raja

So im on level 102 an they said once i past level 90 i was post to unlock an outfit but its still locoed help?
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2021.12.09 10:49 vghgvbh Does anybody know MagiCAD or ALPI Caneco BIM?

Does anyone know one or both of the named software above?
we're a small electrical engineering company in the heart of Germany.
Were basically planning everything that is related to electricity like fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and everything that distributes electrical energy from 10kV to the last powersocket.
Were looking for something that can put Revit on steroids in designing schematics like a wiring diagram for smoke detectors etc.-
Many Thanks ahead!
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2021.12.09 10:49 h0snyy Getting paid remotely

I'm working remotely and they wanna pay me through PayPal which is obv banned here , what alternatives do I have ?
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2021.12.09 10:49 LostInSpace333J Got diagnosed.

I recently got diagnosed with anorexia. But I’m not underweight or any where near being under weight .. my psychiatrist told me my fear of gaining weight and my restrictive eating and my strong urge to lose weight is due to anorexia .. I’m not sure .. is there anyone else here have anorexia but not under weight?
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2021.12.09 10:49 Gall-Ghaeil Fosterage in Medieval Ireland

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2021.12.09 10:49 f_clement Had to share that with you. Mozart is cool. But... W- Why?

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